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Who Was Swedenborg?

Spirituality in a New Light
Theological Journey
Swedenborg's Influence on Other Great Minds


Swedenborg's Influence


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"The most remarkable step in the religious history of recent ages is that made by the genius of Swedenborg."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I admire Swedenborg as a great scientist and a great mystic at the same time. His life and work have always been of great interest to me."
Carl Jung, Psychologist

"For you Westerners, it is Swedenborg who is your Buddha, it is he who should be read and followed!"
D. T. Suzuki, Zen Buddhist Scholar

"The correlations between what Swedenborg writes of some of his spiritual experiences and what those who have come back from close calls with death report is amazing."
Raymond Moody, author of Life After Life

"People who have had near-death experiences peek through the door of the after-life, but Swedenborg explored the whole house."
Kenneth Ring, founder of International Association for Near Death Studies (I.A.N.D.S.)

"Let me explain why Swedenborg merits scrutiny. It is a fact that the greatest poets and prose writers have borrowed liberally from him. The list is long: first Blake, as his direct spiritual descendant; then Goethe, a fervent reader of Swedenborg (as was Kant followed by Edgar Allan Poe, Baudelaire, Balzac, Mickiewicz, Slowacki, Emerson, Dostoevsky...."
Czeslaw Milosz, 1980 Nobel Prize, Literature

"Swedenborg's enormous work has been my companion throughout my entire life."
Henry Corbin, Islamic Scholar

"Swedenborg's message has meant so much to me! It has given color and reality and unity to my thought of the life to come; it has exalted my ideas of love, truth, and usefulness; it has been my strongest incitement to overcome limitations."
Helen Keller

"I have come back to Swedenborg after vast studies of all religions... Swedenborg undoubtedly epitomizes all the religions - or rather the one religion - of humanity."
Honore de Balzac

"More truths are confessed in Swedenborg's writings than in those of any other man... One of the loftiest minds in the realm of mind... One of the spiritual suns that will shine brighter as the years go on."
Thomas Carlyle, Theologian

"Swedenborg was one of the world's greatest geniuses. With his rare intellect and deep spiritual insight he has much to contribute to our modern life."
Norman Vincent Peale

"To my mind, the only light that has been cast on the other life is found in Swedenborg's philosophy. It explains much that was incomprehensible."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Other artists, writers, thinkers and leaders influenced by Swedenborg include:

  • William Blake Jorge Luis Borges
  • Robert Browning
  • John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • John Flaxman
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Robert Frost
  • Northrop Frye
  • Victor Hugo
  • George Innes
  • Henry James, Sr.,
  • George Macdonald
  • Ezra Pound
  • Howard Pyle
  • Georges Sand
  • August Strindberg
  • Henry David Thoreau
  • George Washington
  • William Butler Yeats
  • Bill Wilson (co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous), and more.

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